London’s Old Manor Park Library to become a collaborative arts space

The Tropical Andes of South America is one of the most biodiverse regions on earth, exhibiting high levels of endemism and spatial turnover in the distribution of species. Understanding the complex mechanisms of isolation and diversification of this extraordinary place has been one of the main challenges of biogeography since Humboldt. In addition, this unique area present high anthropogenic pressures to his endemic biodiversity because most of the main human settlement are in this region. We are currently working in this exciting topic and part of our research was published in in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS),
entitled :“Biogeographic regions and events of isolation and diversification of the endemic biota of the Tropical Andes”. Among many investigations, our research was the first study that unifies quantitative methods with dated molecular phylogenies of different lineages, to identify biogeographical regions and understand the spatial and temporal evolution of the biota in this region.
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Soho House opens Soho Works

Pankhasari Retreat will be located in the Darjeeling region, sandwiched between a river and waterfall. It will offer all the digital necessities, as well as views over tea estates and crop plantations.
Visitors will be able to choose to stay in one of two homes – part of a stacked building – or in a single dwelling, connected via a covered footbridge. Pitched roofs cover the trio of residencies, all of which feature folding full-length windows and balconies that let inhabitants gaze out across the boulder-covered surrounding region. Read more “Soho House opens Soho Works”